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by Randy Horton

Randy Horton - Founder of Mediaboot Productions Inc. Mediaboot Inc. is the consulting company I started in 2001, in order to reduce stress for clients; achieve their objectives and support my creative exploration of technology and innovation.

I'm a results driven, creative professional who has been designing, creating, programming and exploring new media since 1994. I love to connect with like minded people and share ideas, pursue knowledge and make things happen.


agile project management

Agile Project Management and Art Direction

Case Studies: The Learning Library School-Day Global Contract My Community Design Plastics International The Globe And Mail Birthday In A Box

advertising design and social media

Advertising Design and Marketing Strategy

Case Studies:

Yo Yos Yogurt and Cineplex Entertainment
Paloma Blanca Advertising Strategy Hurricane Studios Advertising Strategy Infant Growth Centre Marketing Brochure CBC4Kids Alexander Salamander High Dimension Mascara - Design Plastics International

Web site design and development

Graphic Design and Web Production

Featured Projects

Interactive Media

Interactive Media, Human Robot Interaction & Installation

Featured Projects

Games and Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics, Mobile Apps & Game Design

Featured Projects

the adventures of otis Dislocation Banff National Basketball Association Players Association Alexander Salamander The adventures of Bueford the Bee Birthday Party Invite Kick Start Your Media Project with Mediaboot Electrokleen Polishing Halloween Party Invite RBC Online Banking ROB 1000 Vector Auto Insurance whitewash wrestling

Digital Video and Motion Graphics

Digital Video and Documentary

Featured Projects

Dislocation - Transmedia documentary The Quinmolympics - a short movie created by Randy Horton The Estate Vault Ipipeline Security Multimedia Presentation Technodome animated promotion Dougie World: Documentary Video Dougie World 2: Documentary Video Dougie World 3: Documentary Video Dougie World 4: Documentary Video Dougie World 5: Documentary Video Dougie World 6: Documentary Video Paloma Blanca

Fine Art and Custom Design

Fine Art and Custom Design

Featured Projects
yoda portrait spiderman portrait rat fink portrait bike tank styles child portrait hurricane avengers feather tattoo arm tattoo angel wings custom guitar painting Baby Room Decorations Baby Room Decorations 2